You haven’t tasted anything like this before!

 Mouthwatering yumminess with loads of living probiotics armed and ready to fight whatever the winter brings on!

Kimchi Facts:

Kimchi is high in probiotics and rich in nutrition. Kimchi is also wonderful source of antioxidants, electrolytes, B vitamins, fiber.

Kimchi can be added to salads, eaten alone, or served on top of any dish you choose.

Kimchi needs to be kept cool since probiotics are destroyed by heat.

Kimchi is a wonderful example of how common vegetables become even more powerful when they’re allowed to ferment through a process called lacto fermentation with healthy bacterial cultures. Cabbage and onions along with ginger, garlic, and carrots naturally contains prebiotics that help the beneficial organisms to develop even further. Cabbage, onions, and organic Gochugaru pepper flakes are also a rich source of Vitamin C, while garlic and onions are both natural detoxifying foods for the liver. Daikon radish is loaded with powerful digestive enzymes and aids in fat metabolism!  You can easily see how the mixture of these veggies combined creates such a powerful yet tasty fermented Superfood!

Kimchi’s health benefits include relief from constipation, prevention of nutritional deficiencies, enhancement of the immune system, and also an aid for digestion with daikon radish.

Kimchi is a living food, full of probiotics that are alive and thriving. If you’re new to using kimchi, start out with one to two tablespoons with your meals as you allow your body to adjust to it. It’s extremely potent to first time users so be aware that you may notice a very active digestive system when you first start using it.