• Helps with obesity and diabetes
  • Improves mood
  • Fights joint and muscle inflammation
  • Excellent source of vitamin K for Bone Health
  • Excellent source of vitamin C  (cabbage on steroids!)
  • Anticancer properties
  • Tons of vitamin B’s


Over 20 Flavorful varieties to suit everyone’s palate!

  • Fermented Ginger Carrot Rounds!
  •  Raw Carrots and other tubers contain a bit too much sugar …….
  •  When carrots are fermented, these sugars are digested by good bacteria and turned into a healthy sugar free super food!
  •  Eat as a snack instead of junk food!
  •  Helps with digestion during a meal!
  •  In addition, that bubbly ginger flavored liquid is a healthy probiotic wellness shot!

 P.S. Use as a Health treat for your canine pals!